"The trouble with the world is that the stupid are cocksure and the intelligent are full of doubt." -- Bertrand Russell

Sunday, July 31, 2011


Hello world!

This is my first blog post ever. The blog is named "Liber Cogitans Et Ratio" -- literally "Free Thinking And Reason" in Latin. It's named as a parody of the encyclical "Fides Et Ratio" ("Faith and Reason") by Pope John Paul II. For short, I'll be calling it "Et Ratio".

I'll be discussing random issues related to science, atheism, philosophy, and anything else I can dream up.


  1. Hi Dan,

    I don't like the use of "cogitans" here... I think the agentive suffix makes for the wrong kind of "thinking", as in, some object which is thinking, rather than the act of thinking itself. Also, "liber" is an adjective in the nominative case, and I think you want something more adverbial.

    So my Latin is rusty, but maybe something like "libere cogitare et cum rationem" would sound better. ("To think freely and with reason.")

  2. Hm. Thank you for your feedback. I haven't had Latin since high school and have to confess to never having been very good at it. I don't think "libere cogitare et cum rationem" sounds very good -- it's too long for a title, and doesn't allow me to shorten the title to "Et Ratio" as I would like. Nonetheless, I am open to changing the title if there is another Latin translation that is shorter.

    The Latin title "Fides et Ratio" is what I am parodying, so I would very much like to keep the latter part ("et Ratio") and am open to changing the former part (i.e. replacing "Fides" with something indicating Free Thinking.)

  3. I decided to change the title to "libere cogitare et ratio" after consulting Google Translate...