"The trouble with the world is that the stupid are cocksure and the intelligent are full of doubt." -- Bertrand Russell


Are you interested in inviting me to speak or debate on a given topic? I'll speak to any group and welcome suggestions, but what follows are topics that I am more prepared to speak on. For any of these topics, please provide at least one week's notice so I can prepare. For suggested topics, provide at least two weeks. Also, if you would like me to speak outside South Eastern Virginia, please provide for lodging and transportation expenses. I do have a speaking fee. As always, I can be e-mailed here. Also, don't be afraid to invite me to speak at your church, synagogue, or other religious meeting!


A Secular Meaning/Purpose of Life: Talk I gave based on one of my blogposts, providing some basis for discussion of a non-theistic meaning and/or purpose of life. Shows the distinction between "meaning" and "purpose". Was a popular discussion at Virginia Tech.

Mere Atheism: Title is a parody of C.S. Lewis' "Mere Christianity". This would be a talk on the basics about atheism -- what is atheism? Who are some famous atheists? How does atheism relate to other subjects? Etc. Might be good to have at the beginning of a semester, but could be done at any time.

Some Modern Surprises in the Science & Religion Debate: This would be a talk that would focus on some really counter intuitive features of the modern philosophical debate between science and religion. Would include a discussion of NOMA, the Draper-White Thesis, and the Secularization Thesis. Everyone -- theists and non-theists alike -- would (probably) find some challenging stuff here.

Failures of Reason: This would be a talk on critical thinking, in particular popular ways that people can fail to use critical thinking properly. There was interest in having this talk about a year ago or so at Virginia Tech, but I never ended up giving it.

Separation of Church & State in Southern Virginia: This would be a discussion of the recent events in Giles, Floyd, and now Roanoke, which I've extensively blogged about (and will continue blogging about.)

Mathematical Proof of the Non-Existence of God?: Can it be proven using set theory and some basic metaphysics that God cannot possibly exist? Introduces the concepts in this blogpost.

Suggested Debate Topics

Does God Exist?: Of course, if you found your way here, you probably already know what I think on this one...

Is Faith a Virtue?: I would defend the position that faith is not a virtue and has the potential to be quite dangerous.

Are Science & Religion Compatible?: My view on this is a little nuanced; e-mail me if you're interested in having me come to debate on this topic.

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